Cuddling with multiple computer devicesIt’s always important to budget with a clear view of reality.  So how long should we expect our business computers to last?  Promethius Consulting is Indy’s outsourced IT solution and we cover this topic today.

Tony: Budgeting and planning for when to buy the next laptop is important, but many times people don’t understand how many years they should get out of a good computer.

Aaron: Here at Promethius we use the 3-4-5 theory.  Plan on three years, hope for four, and don’t push past five years.  So often we are helping our clients through their IT budgeting process look at their overall inventory and help them understand how many computers they should be budgeting for in each budget cycle.

Tony: So if we are looking at a three to five year target for the lifecycle of a computer, are their maintenance tasks and behaviors that we can perform on our computers to ensure that we hit the four or even five year lifespan of a computer?



Aaron: Sure, there are some things you can do.  Traditionally you used to hear a lot of talk about defragging drives and such.  With the newer computer hardware these days, a lot of the traditional maintenance practices don’t make sense any more.  Overall we want to keep the spyware and malware off of the computer, and keep it clean. 

We also want to periodically check the computer to make sure it’s running optimally.

Tony: So it sounds like we will shoot for and be happy with a four year lifespan for our computers.  If you are in Indianapolis and need computer help, call us any time at 317/733-2388.