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It is often assumed that antivirus is all you need to keep your laptop or desktop secure, but that’s only part of the picture.  Promethius is Indianapolis’ trusted outsourced IT provider, and we are here today to talk about a common but often misunderstood topic – computer security.
Tony: What I see in computer security just when I’m talking to the “average joe” is that I think we tend to see security as a simple “checkbox.” Specifically, we think that if we have traditional antivirus on our computers, that’s all we need.  Check that box and I’m good to go.

My question to you is “Is just having antivirus on my computer enough to say that my computer is secure?”
Aaron: No, it’s not.  Antivirus is just one of the pieces of the puzzle for sure – a big one.  But stand-alone antivirus is simply not enough to protect you from all that’s out there.  We take a multi-stage approach to securing a computer or network.  And the level of security we implement is dependent on the particular use of that computer.
For you basic user, a good antivirus product is the start.  We also like to see internet browser protection to keep the spyware and malware off the computer. We also want to ensure that if the computer is heavily used and files are stored on its hard drive, it has a robust backup that is cloud-based and automatic.
Another important security piece is the regular maintenance and upkeep of patches (in other words, install patches and updates as they come in).  Those patches and software updates are what “spackle” the little holes that viruses, spyware and malware are getting into.  We want to make sure that you are getting those updates routinely and that they are being applied in the correct way.
Tony: Well I think that’s some much-needed detail to the topic of IT security, and as I suspected, antivirus isn’t enough on its own.  It’s part of the security picture, but it’s not the whole picture.
And so now you have this information about how to make your computer secure, but what do you do?  I suppose there are two ways to go.  One, you can try to gather all these pieces yourself, but as I said earlier, Promethius is a managed services provider here in Indianapolis.
So maybe we can use this as a teaching tool to explain a bit more about managed services.  When you hire a managed services company, part of the benefit is that you don’t have to shop for all these IT security pieces one-at-a-time and on your own.  A managed services provider will roll all these pieces (antivirus, browser protection and backup) into one service.
Aaron:  That’s right.  We’ve done the research.  We know the products.  We know the technology that they are using.  We have ways to automate security and to control things from a much higher level.  Our expertise helps us to avoid security missteps which often cost money.  
We can put you in the right computer security mix for your needs (not everyone’s security needs are the same).  We can help you take the mystery out of securing your laptop.
Tony:  I think that’s a good foundation on computer security.  Thanks for watching.  If you are in Indianapolis and need help with your security, give us a call at 317/733-2388.