Big Data

When I ask people if their data is being backed up regularly, the answer is almost always “yes.” When I dig deeper, I almost always find some portion of their data that is not being backed up regularly.  Where’s the disconnect?  I have decided that the confusion usually revolves around the word “data.”

Data can mean a lot of things and it almost never means the same thing to any two people.  When we’re talking about security and/or backup, it’s safest to think of your data as anything you wouldn’t be ok with losing.  It’s best not to think of doomsday scenarios when it comes to backup and restoration.  Doomsday scenarios involve situations in which you have much bigger things on your mind than how to restore your favorite recipes document.  One need only consider a very likely event, such as a malware attack.  Wouldn’t it be nice to imagine that all of your data could be quickly restored if this relatively common event happened to you?

I also find it best not to make difficult calculations of how sad you’ll be if you permanently lose a particular data set.  Let’s go straight to one of the most common ones we run across…personal photos.  These are often saved to a user’s local hard drive and are therefore not protected by the company file-store backup.  Often times the company policy states that anything on the local hard drive is the employee’s responsibility.  We hear lots of things like, “I think I have a backup of those somewhere” or “I thought I wouldn’t need them, but I just recently added…”  You get the picture.

The fact is, if you are taking the time to create it, it’s probably worth saving.  Saving to any one location is not “saving.” Those of you who have known Promethius for a while have often heard us talk about the importance of a simple, hands-free backup, but it bears repeating.  Whenever possible, remove the human element from your backup plan.  Don’t rely on your own (or anyone else’s) memory to protect your data.  Also, take some time to consider where all of that data resides.  If you are like most people, you have some data stored locally, some in the cloud, perhaps some on an external hard drive, etc.  All of these locations can be at risk.  Don’t limit your imagination to only your work files, but consider all of those items that are important to you.

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