Virtual Desktops

The future is now. Cloud desktops will totally change your computer support experience. Get ready to feel pampered! 

Computer desktops were a little late joining the "party in the cloud," but their time has come.  Our virtual desktop solution makes you immune to rising hardware costs, computer slowdowns and network/productivity outages. 

Work from anywhere, on any device, and say goodbye to lagging help-desk response times.   

Cloud Desktops

Our customized virtual desktop solution provides you with a fully-functioning, optimized desktop in the cloud. What do you sacrifice by moving your desktop to the cloud?  Absolutely nothing.  The user experience is identical to working on a local computer, except that local computers can slow down over time (ours don't!).  

Our virtual desktops are rebuilt every month at no extra cost.  This ensures you have a speedy, fresh computer at all times.

White Glove Service

While virtual desktops are quickly becoming the most stable computer experience possible, you may still need support once in a while.  Cloud desktop technology allows us to service your computer and resolve most issues almost instantly.

And what about those big, scary problems like computer crashes, virus infestations, etc.?  Not to worry. We can literally rebuild your virtual desktop from the ground up in about 15 minutes, on-the-spot.  Not bad for a worst case scenario!   

Cost Savings

Virtual desktops provide significant savings that allow this technology to quickly "pay for itself."  Right out of the gate, we can reduce hardware cost by as much as 80%.  Employee down-time is reduced by over 90%.  When you couple that with built-in HIPAA and PCI compliance, it makes moving your desktops to the cloud a bit of a "no-brainer."

Impressive Gains. No Pain.

  • Instant Support

    We guarantee a response time of 15 minutes. Most issues are resolved in minutes. Worst case? We can entirely rebuild your virtual desktop in about 15 minutes.

  • Instant Upgrades

    Is your computer too slow? We can literally upgrade it to better, stronger, faster during your lunch break.  

  • HIPAA Compliance

    Do you lie awake at night wondering when your HIPAA compliance audit is coming? Our solution is fully HIPAA compliant with no extra work from you.  

  • PCI Compliance

    Our hosted desktop solution is also PCI compliant with no extra work from you.

  • Guaranteed Performance

    We've all experienced the gradual slow-down of a computer no matter how good it was to begin with. We rebuild your desktop every month to ensure you never feel this pain again.

  • Work From Anywhere

    Our technology allows you to connect to your desktop from any internet-connected device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or PDA.

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